So for those who don’t know Monday is ABDL maintenance spanking day in my house.  On this day, my wife spanks me as a reminder to behave for the week and also as a way of correcting things she may have missed. Maintenance spankings are usually a little more mild than punishment spankings.   This week maintenance is on Tuesday because the kids were out of school yesterday.  However, I have been told that today I will also be receiving a punishment spanking for back talking.

I was doing some task yesterday when my wife asked me some very innocent questions, but since I was busy I used improper tone and words to answer.  She said I was short tempered with the kids as well.  I’m sure I’m about to be one sorry boy.  I will have to post the update later, I’m sure not looking forward to this spanking 🙁 . I’m sure I am going to have to update this post later.

My punishment has been carried out.  I received both my ABDL maintenance spanking and a punishment spanking in succession.  My wife first had me bent over her knee and asked me to tell her what it is that I had done wrong the previous week.  In no particular order, I back talked, lied, was short tempered, said bad words, spent money I wasn’t supposed to, didn’t keep my things picked up among other infractions.  Here is a short video of my spanking.

You can see by the aftermath that she really walloped me good today.






After she was finished spanking me, as she always does she pulled up my diaper and gave me a hug.  As much as I hate to receive a spanking I do appreciate the aftercare that she gives me.  To know that I have been punished and now I have unconditional love just makes me melt into a pile of goo.

  1. Bill Smithly 3 weeks ago

    You received a well spanked fanny. When I get spanked I always end up crying and will spend time in the corner. Many times it is between sessions such as Hand spanking corner time, brush spanking corner time ect. I also will get suppositories and rediapered

  2. DaddyRyan 2 weeks ago

    I agree, I think sometime standing in the corner with your diaper below your spanked bottom will give you some time to think about your naughty behavior. Hugs and cuddles after corner time is over

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