BigTots Etsy Store is A must for every ABDL

So as a lttle I have forever been looking for some Toddler style ABDL Pajamas.  I’d say my age is around two or three, so a lot of the clothes out there for ABDL’s i.e. onesies and sleepers are really too young for me.  Don’t get me wrong I will wear them when I need to and often do.  However, I found a secret shop on Etsy where I got these bad boy Jammies.  I am not an affiliate but here is the link anyway to BigTots Etsy Store. Kim makes phenomenal clothing for little of all ages, I’m talking diaper covers, briefs, pajamas, shortalls, bibs, booties etc.

She also is very responsive and takes care of her customer.  I had ordered these ABDL Pajamas and accidentally provided the wrong address and she changed it with no problem.  I also needed them taken in a bit, again no problem.  That is just the customer service part of it.  Let’s talk about something else that is important the actual quality of the product.

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These ABDL Pajamas Are Top Notch Quality

Her quality is simply phenomenal!!  These pajamas fit just right and there is plenty of stretch to fit over diapers.  these ABDL Pajamas appear to have reinforced stitches which means that it’s not going to fall apart on you after one or two wears.  But the real sell for me is I can wear these around the house and not have to worry about looking too babyish.  These Jammies say toddler, but I have seen adults where similar jammies.  I really love how soft and snug they are.  The elastic cuffs just scream little space!

I was, at first, hesitant to buy these because I thought the price was steep, but these Jammies are Jersy Knit Cotton soft to the touch and my new go-to Jammies.  Thanks, Kim for running such a great Etsy shop.


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