It was bed time and mommy decided to change my diaper before bedtime.  She decided that my behavior hadn’t been all that great so to set me back on the right track she decided I needed to get rid of my cummies.  So before taping me in for the night she gave my pee pee a good rub.  She is still not too happy about my behavior. I will pay for that tomorrow.  Hey we would like to know what you would like to see, part of this for me is knowing others are seeing me. So let us know what you think, what you’ld like to see mommy do with her baby, etc.

As always,



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  1. Robert Woods 2 weeks ago

    Hey Aden,

    I think since your behavior isn’t what mommy likes, that she should dress you like a sissy & do you with sex toys, then stick a butt plug in you for punishment for being naughty & afterwards stick you in a really thick sissy adultdiaper. Plus, get you breastfed as a treat for taking all that abusement. Maybe have some spankings when you’re being naughty as well.

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