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Make your kitchen life easier : Top 2020 kitchen gadgets and tools

kitchen gadgets life easier

No matter in what type of home you are living right now, your kitchen is an essential part of it. We all admit the fact that the kitchen is the most important place in any home. The kitchen is not always a place to cook only, but it is also a main hub of your home. The kitchen is one of the most essential areas of the family to flock. It’s a place to discuss their entire days, to have good gatherings, to spend some good time with loved ones. Most importantly it is a place to cook and eat delicious meals. 

Kitchens are evolving and growing consistently:

By knowing all this, it is highly important to equip your kitchen with the right tools. Kitchen is one of the most dynamic spaces that continues to evolve and grow. It evolves with the lifestyle and needs of the homeowners. Not only the kitchen is one of the most vital spaces in your home. But the appliances and tools it is containing to prepare any kind of meal are important too. 

Therefore, kitchens are not only evolving and growing in terms of functionality but regarding kitchen tools and appliances too. Along with energy-saving appliances, investing on small yet clever kitchen gadgets have also become vital these days. 

It is because:

  • Having the right tools can fast pace your food processing time. 

  • These can help you in keeping things organized and streamlined. 

  • It is a vital saying that you can be as good and fast in the kitchen as your tools are. 

So, all of these are the best reasons to invest in the right kitchen tools and gadgets

Top 2020 kitchen gadgets and tools you need to know 

Well, to make the things super easier and well-sorted for you, here we have brought a complete list of the best 2020 kitchen gadgets.  This can help you in certain ways. From now, you don’t have to wander around while thinking how a certain kitchen gadget can benefit you in the best possible way. It is because here we will let you know what of your problems can be resolved with a specific kitchen gadget with ease. 

So, without any further delay, let’s have a look at the top 2020 kitchen gadgets and tools we have brought for you.

Make your dishes better with a Magic Silicone Cleaning sponge

silicone multi-functional cleaning brush

If there is anything that can help you in keeping your dishes, vegetable cutting boards, bread rolling pins and other utensils in good and hygienic condition then that is this silicone multi-functional cleaning brush. Surprisingly, this multi-functional cleaning brush is not only effective to clean your dishes only. But it can also help you in washing your fruits or vegetables too in the best possible way. 

Well, this sponge type of cleaning brush comes up with small pillows on the both sides which makes it faster and more effective in cleaning your required object. Fortunately, fruit-grade silicone material has been used in its manufacturing which makes it completely safe to use for multiple cleaning purposes in your kitchen. 

Not only cleaning, the silicone multi-functional cleaning brush can also be used to grip hot utensils with ease. 

Key features of Magic Silicone Cleaning sponge

  • High-quality silicone of food grade has been used in the manufacturing of this cleaning sponge. This makes it safe to use anywhere in the kitchen. 

  • This high-quality silicone cleaning brush has been made for repeated use. 

  • This Magic Silicone Cleaning sponge can serve as insulated gloves too along with being the best tool for cleaning vegetables and dishes alike.

For added convenience, investing in a strong decontamination sponge brush can also be a smart idea. 

Open your bottles open quickly with 6 in one bottle opener 

6 in 1 Bottle Opener

This is an amazing multi-purpose bottle opener tool which can help you in opening almost any type of bottle with ease. 6 different types of openers can let you open anything from regular bottles to even can with ease. However, the high-quality material can also help you rely on this for a longer period of time with ease. 






Prevent objects from falling into drain with Tub Star Sink Strainer

Silicone Sink Filter

When it comes to a clean and well-maintained kitchen then kitchen sinks are the most important aspect of any kitchen to consider. You certainly never want an object stuck in your kitchen drain that can make your kitchen smelly later. Well, to prevent objects from going into the drains from your kitchen sink you can get the best silicone sink filter. 

These silicone sink filters are easier to stick on the hole of your kitchen sink to prevent objects falling there with ease. 

Key features of Tub Star Sink Strainer

  • These are highly affordable sink filters that can help you in a big way. 

  • Silicone sink filters are made of high-quality material that makes it highly reliable and durable. 

  • This easy to clean and use kitchen tool that offers a higher level of suction with ease. 


Get your knife sharpened easily with a 3 stages knife sharpener 

3 stages knife sharpener 

A knife sharpener is one of the most important tools to have in your kitchen. It is because the entire process of cutting mainly depends on your knives. And having a knife that isn’t sharpened enough will never let you slice up your vegetables or fruits nicely. 

Here we have a professional grade 3 stages knife sharpener which you can bring your home without even investing too much money in that. This highly affordable 3 stages knife sharpener can do anything from fixing your damaged blades to sharpen your knives in the best possible way. 

All three stages of this knife sharpener work differently. The ceramic stage is all about straightening and preparing damaged blades before sharpening them. While the coarse stage can restore and sharpen the cutting edge to a V shape. And at last, the fine stage will let you polish and equalize your knife blade to remove any irregular surface with ease. 

Key features of 3 stages knife sharpener 

  • This is a stylish yet designed to ensure safety knife sharpener meant to sharpen your blades perfectly. 

  • 3 different stages of knife sharpener can help you to get the best results. 

  • The rubber foot is meant to ensure steadiness in the process. 


Secure your food storage bags with Food Storage Bag Clip

food storage bag clip 

Do you want to keep your food storage bags sealed properly so that no air can enter these bags and your food can be stored in a consumable condition for longer with ease? If yes, then you have come to the right solution. It is because these storage bag clips can let you seal your food storage bags properly which can keep your food fresh even for weeks with ease. 




Streamline your cutting with Vegetable Holder Cutting Aid Guide

kitchen gadgets life easier

This is one of the most amazing kitchen gadgets you can consider. Most of us love to have delicious food but hate slicing or cutting vegetables. Mainly because people are afraid to cut themselves. So, for you, the vegetable cutting aid guide can be an amazing tool to consider. It is because this will not only help you in cutting the vegetables into the best slices, but will also help you get your job done by staying safe. 

This tool can be placed or pinched in a vegetable and you can cut perfectly portioned slices of your required vegetable with ease. For more ease, you can also invest in fruit vegetable slicer or fruit vegetable slicer helper too. These can bring more ease, convenience and fun in slicing your required vegetables and fruits while ensuring safety of users. 

Key features of Vegetable Holder Cutting Aid Guide to know:

  • High-quality stainless steel and plastic have been used to manufacture the best vegetable cutting aid guide which makes this gadget highly reliable, durable as well as rust-free. 

  • You can clean this aid guide with ease using any of your dishwash sponge. 

  • The high-quality prongs are going to allow you to hold and slice your required vegetables hands-free. While, its large handle has been designed perfectly to offer a firm grip as well as to prevent scrapes and cuts in the best possible way.

Preserve your food effectively

Silicone Preservation Food Bag

Do you want to get some better solutions to preserve your food properly to use it later?  Then this is highly important to invest in some food preserving materials such as Silicone fresh-keeping sealed food bag or the best quality Food Preservation Tray set. Both of these tools can be used multiple times and can help you in keeping your food in the best possible condition for an extended period of time.

food preservation tray







Separate the egg yolk without making your hands smelly with egg yolk separator 

egg yolk separator 

Are you the one who always wants to separate egg yolks while cooking an egg or need to separate it for a special recipe? In any case, you need an egg yolk separator. Having an egg yolk separator is not only going to help you in separating the egg yolk perfectly. But it will also keep you from dipping your hands into raw egg that can make them smelly. 

So, whatever the reason behind separating the egg yolk is, investing in a little cute egg yolk separator is worth it. 

Key features of egg yolk separator

  • This is a high-quality, lightweight and small egg yolk separator which can make separating egg yolks super easier. 

  • Its smaller size and lightweight make it portable to carry as well as convenient to use effectively. 

  • The beautiful profile and high-quality plastic of this egg yolk separator makes it super attractive and cute. 


Blend your fruits well with a Portable USB Blender

Portable Blender

Do you want to blend your fruits to enjoy fresh smoothie, juice, shakes or margaritas anywhere anytime without any limitation? Put your hands on this USB rechargeable blender to enjoy this freedom. This is a powerful blender which can let you even crush ice with ease. Even more, this can clean itself with ease. you just have to add some water and a drop of dishwasher into it. Rest job will be done by the blender itself. 

Key features of Portable USB Blender

  • A compact design with a handle makes it easier to carry around. 

  • Get it anywhere you go to enjoy the freshness of your drink to the extent. 

  • It can make 8 to 12 beverages with just one charge. 



Keep your refrigerator well-organized with refrigerator food storage solution 

food storage solution

As refrigerators are meant to preserve your foods, therefore there is no doubt that you are putting your spare or storage food into your refrigerators to keep that fresh for an extended period of time. But are you fed up with your disorganized refrigerator? Don’t worry about this anymore. Because a refrigerator food storage solution is not only going to help you in improving your refrigerator storage space but also help you to keep your stuff organized in the best possible way. 

Key features of refrigerator food storage solution

  • Made from environmentally friendly material. 

  • Arrange your food stuff in a neat and orderly way. 

  • Double locked containers that can hold freshness of your stuff for longer. 


Remove seeds without wasting your fruits with Multi Seed Removal

removal seed

This is the time to know about another amazing yet cool gadget which can help you in putting the cherry and olive core without wasting even a bit of your fruit. Investing in a Multi Seed Removal can let you remove seeds from fruits with ease. 








Make the delicious ice-creams with Home Ice Cream Machine

ice cream machine

Are you an ice-cream lover and love to taste different types of home-made ice-creams? Then you must make your ice-cream making process simpler and automatic with the help of this 220-volt ice-cream machine. Just put some frozen fruits into your ice-cream machine directly, and enjoy the most delicious ice-cream made from your favorite organic fruits and toppings. The process of making ice-cream with this machine is quick. 

Key features of Home Ice Cream Machine

  • Assembling and disassembling main components of this ice-cream machine is easier. 

  • The interchangeable components can make it better to clean your machine after using it. 




Slice or chop your vegetables evenly with rotary drum grater 

drum grater

Whether you want to grate or chop your vegetables, cheese, fruits, hash browns and much more, and looking for the best grater then don’t wonder anymore. It is because we have an amazing rotary drum grater for you. This rotary drum grater is meant to help you in grating your required stuff quickly and easily. 

More amazingly, it comes up with three different types of interchangeable ultra-sharp cylinders drums that can make it an amazing option to get in your kitchen for your multiple cooking choices. It is because you can easily use your required type of cylinder drum and can make grating your stuff super easier for you. This grater can perform different types of functions with ease including fine shredding, slicing, coarse shredding. Shaking one circle is equal to 12x cut. So, you can imagine how fast it is. 

Key features of rotary drum grater 

  • This convenient rotary drum grater can help you in preparing your vegetables and other stuff quickly. 

  • Different types of sharp cylinder drums make it easier to prepare stuff for different cooking styles. 

  • The cylinders are made of high-quality stainless steel and are detachable that makes cleaning and cutting easier. 


Defrost and chop your frozen meat quickly with fast defrosting tray

Fast Defrosting Tray

Are you in a hurry and want to defrost your frozen meat as quickly as possible? We have a solution for you. In any situation when you need to defrost and slice your frozen or non-frozen meat faster, this fast defrosting tray can be a handy option to go with. This is a fast thawing tool whose high conductivity can make it thousands of times faster as compared to other metals. It can offer high-speed heat exchange and can help your frozen food to get the fastest thawing effect naturally. 

Key features of fast defrosting tray

  • This fast defrosting tray comes up with no chemicals that make it safer to use. 

  • The natural thawing process can keep the original taste of food maintained more effectively. 

  • Using this defrosting tray is easier. Simply put your frozen food onto it and experience faster defrosting. 



Clean your fish properly with fish skin graters 

fish grater

This beautiful fish skin grater that comes up with a fish-shaped design is meant to help you in cleaning the skin of your fish in a proper way. Its covered design will let fish scales from flying and help you in keeping your kitchen table or surrounding space clean with ease. Once you have done with fish scrapping, you can remove scales by opening the tool from bottom easily. 








Brew your coffee anywhere with portable coffee machine 

portable coffee machine

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages all around the world. Therefore, having a coffee machine to start your day with a fresh and aromatic cup of coffee is always amazing. But what if you are going to choose a portable coffee machine for your kitchen? Undoubtedly, this is going to be amazing. It is because this will not only help you to get a best shot of freshly brewed coffee when you are home. But you can also take this portable machine with you literally anywhere. 

Whether you are traveling, working in the office, in the home, or going for outdoor camping, a portable coffee machine is always great to have with you. Even more, this perfectly designed portable coffee machine comes up with multiple coffee adapters including coffee powder, dolce gusto capsule, and Nespresso coffee adapters to make things easier for you. 

Key features of portable coffee machine 

  • Simpler design makes it pretty straightforward to use it.  

  • It takes up to 5 minutes only to make delicious coffee for you. 

  • Amazingly, it comes with different power adapters that make it suitable for people in different regions with ease. You can choose your preferred adapter with ease.  


Keep your BBQ grill clean with BBQ cleaning brush 

bbq cleaning brush

Do you love BBQ and use BBQ grill more often? If yes, then you must understand the hassle of cleaning your BBQ grill and removing hard stains and grease from it. However, from now you don’t have to be worried about this anymore. It is because we have a specialized tool for you to keep this hassle from you. 

BBQ cleaning brush is one of the most exciting kitchen tools you can consider for this. This is one of the most amazing steam cleaning brushes which will let you clean your BBQ grill with the power of steam with ease. 

The process of using this one of the best BBQ accessories is pretty straightforward. You just have to remove its cap, fill it with water, select its settings from the button above and start cleaning your BBQ grill with the best BBQ grill cleaner. 

Key features of BBQ cleaning brush 

  • This is a multipurpose kitchen tool which can let you have clean and grease free BBQ grills without any hassle. 

  • BBQ cleaning brush has been designed with safety and can be stored in a convenient way. 

  • This cleaning brush is made of high-quality stainless steel that makes it safe to be used on steel, ceramic and cast-iron grills. 


Final thoughts 

When it comes to buy the best kitchen gadgets to make your kitchen life easier, then you will certainly be surprised by the sheer amount of kitchen gadgets available in the market. There is a slicer, peeler, blender and much more to make different kitchen tasks super easier. Not only this, you can also get machines to make things quick. 

Even though, most of these kitchen gadgets and tools seem little and novelty but these are actually very clever and wonderful. However, if it comes to rely on these little yet useful gadgets, then you must know which of the available items can do the best for you. You can check out the entire top 2020 kitchen gadgets and tools list to make better decisions with ease

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