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Mobile Phone UV Sterilizer

1: Appearance size: 224mm*111mm*52mm (length * width * thickness) 2: Power: Input: 5V/1A: Output: 5W (MAX) 3: Working light: UVC

Laptop Phone Folding Support

Laptop phone folding support Description: 1. No need to look down at phone 2. With innovative technology,automatic adsorption 3. Flexible

Phone folding stand

Material: ABS + zinc alloy + silicone Process: injection + electroplating Type: Lazy Bracket Applicable brand: General Applicable model: general

Magnetic 360 degrees phone holder

From $20,99
Magnetic Car Smartphone Holder is a the must have on every car to keep your phone on track without letting your eyes out of the road

3 in 1 Selfie Stick Powerbank Speaker

Compact and Discreet Design High-Quality Wireless Speaker Full Angle Selfie Adjustments Powerbank Function (2000mAh) Works as a Phone Stand Experience