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Food Storage Bag Clip

From $13,99
Food Storage Bag Clip : Seal your food and keep it fresh for months with this reusable clips.

Food preservation cove

From $18,99
Specifications: only installed Material: food-grade silicone + food-grade PGA Function: cover cup, bowl, plate, dish preservation box Size: Small: 13cm

Fresh-keeping sealed food bag

From $23,99
Product Category: Fresh-keeping bag Storage bag category: bagged Product material: food grade silicone + AS  Product capacity: 1000 ml; 23*18CM

Food sealing clip

Product Name: Building Block Sealing Clip Size: 12*1.8*1.7cm Material: PP Specification: 4 pieces

Food Preservation Tray

The food preservation tray avoid your food from exposing to air or dust and help the food stay fresh longer than ever. From our customers experience  : Please note that this Food Preservation Tray is to use with small size food only.

Vacuum Food Sealer Preservation Machine

THE PERFECT MONEY AND TIME SAVING SOLUTION: Cooking and meal preparation will become easier, more economical and faster, if you

Double-layer milk preservation backpack

Material: Oxford cloth Mummy bag style: shoulder bag Strap function: multi-function Strap method: one shoulder

Food Sealing Machine

Food Sealing Machine keep the food in freshness ! Perfect for reseal unused portions of food, simply slides it along the edge and it's sealed