What we want for this site

Mommy and I have discussed what we want for this site and we are affraid that it is simply becoming a place for folks to come and look at our videos. What we want is for this site to be a place where Ageplayers can engage in constructive and positive dialogue. Also, we would like to plan events and do community outreach (community service in a non-ageplay since).

Having considered this we have come to this conclussion

1. We need to share our videos with only friends, from here on out my videos will only be posted to my mommys wall and visible only to her friends.

2. Mommy will only accept freind request from varified profiles that have been completed and actively updated.  

This site was created for you so that you could have a place to be yourself and find others like you. Please help us to grow the community.  Together we can make this site something worth while.  




send a friend request to Mommy Tammy, Set up and keep your profile, to view our latest videos